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Welcome to the home page of the Brighton, Fort Lupton, & Keenesburg, a local freight service shortline operating over the BNSF and UP rights-of-way in Adams and Weld Counties, Colorado.

The parent company of the BFL&K, Platte Valley Rail, Inc., is located in Federal Heights, CO and is pleased to offer local freight services and locomotive/rolling stock repairs, as well as  transfer services between the BNSF and the UP.  For more details, please see the Services page.

The BFL&K is a proud member of the North American Rail Alliance.  (Member #69)

Disclaimer: The BFL&K is a model railroad.  Neither it nor Platte Valley Rail, Inc. are real companies.  All trademarks are the property of their respective companies.

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To contact us:

Phone: 303-555-PVRI
Fax: 303-555-7875

Platte Valley Rail, Inc.
10393 Zuni St.
Federal Heights, CO 80260