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Map of BFL&K route

The BFL&K originates just east of US 85 on WCR 22, travels south through Fort Lupton and Brighton, runs east along Bromley Lane to Barr Lake, then travels northeast along I-76 through Lochbuie and Hudson and terminates in Keenesburg. 

The BFLK layout has evolved! (Track plan to come soon)  Due to the severe space restrictions that come from apartment living, the layout will be a fold-up design, with a track arrangement similar to that of Ian Rice's Roque Bluffs project (see recent issues of Model Railroader).  The design will most likely be of a somewhat industrial nature, featuring a cluster of industries centered around the US-85 and Bromley Lane intersection in Brighton, CO.  DigiTrax DCC will be standard and all track will be code 83 rail.

To contact us:

Phone: 303-555-PVRI
Fax: 303-555-7875